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Elaion, from the greek, ἔλαιον, olive oil.


That’s the name we called our farm house, represented by the associates, as well engaged, as well partners for long, Claudio and Alessandra.


That’s the same name of a place where our love story born and, when our adventure in Umbria started, booking an olive grove and its ancient farm house and we were looking for naming our business, we searched for the history and origin of the olive tree and we got “Elaion”.

Elaion represents the main business of our farm house: the olive oil, jams and vegetables production, combined to the bed and breakfast activity Le Terre di Isa.


It was born in 2016 and its first extravergine organic olive oil was completed in october 2017.

That campaign wasn’t so rich because of the adverse weather conditions, but we got our first extravergine organic olive oil (certificated by CCPB - italian monitored operator number LP64 - Supervisor agency authorized by MiPAAFT - IT BIO 006), and we called it “Noi”.

This new oil, with its name, tells another story, that one of all people we met as we started this adventure and that helped us to plow the land, to take care of the trees and to harvest the olives, as well as to make us comfortable here in an unknown contest.

Raccolta delle olive in Umbria

From that october 2017 we’ve been keeping studying and staying abreast of the matter, so the olive trees, at the farm house’s bottom (cultivar leccino) are growing healthy and strong: the campaign of 2018 got the triple of the production (available in 0,50l bottles in our agriturismo).

In the meantime, we expanded and we bought another land in Collesanto (near Magione), with centuries-old plants (cultivar “dolce agogia”) in conversion to organic farming (it’s available in 1l bottles in our agriturismo).

Raccolta olive elaion 2017

We got a organoleptic evaluation form about our olive oil. It’s defined “extravergine olive oil” and with the following characteristics: “medium-fruity, with distinctly herbaceous notes referring to the chicory leaf, with a decidedly bitter and spicy taste, it confirms the long persistent vegetal notes


We didn’t get the awards, but we were really glad to share a beautiful experience with people working for long time on umbrian territory, taking part to a common project to add value and keep identity of umbrian history.

Elaion frantoio pozzolese

Coming to know the origin of the products we daily consume is certainly a priority for everybody.

Through our work, we’d like to offer a product, necessary in every kind of house, with a certified quality and assured during all its production phases: growth, harvest, transformation and bottling.


We’re taking care of it so that it could be you olive oil as well.

A small “synergistic” vegetable garden has recently been installed (here more information about it) and we’re experimenting the organic production of vegetables and aromatic plants in order to use them for tastings and learning activities.

We’d like to offer alternative tourism experience to travelers looking for authentic flavors and discovering local traditions, by enhancing and protecting territorial resources to promote a conscious consumption of products by the land and raise awareness of sustainable development.

So that we use one of the rare sources of totally drinking water, as well as tools and techniques that protect the surrounding environment. We practice recycling, of organic waste for the production of compost too, and reuse of waste water through phytodepuration. 300 It solar thermal panels are installed, a 5.9 Kw / p three-phase photovoltaic system, a 30.00 Kcal biomass boiler, with integration for the production of sanitary water that contribute to making the entire structure eco-friendly and low energy consumption. We mainly use local organic products when we serve meals and drinks, also to enhance the resources of the territory and contribute to strengthening the regional cultural identity.

We do want to make the most of these resources in educational trainings, which will be part of the future Educational Farm project, to increase environmental and cultural awareness in people who stay at our house and travelers on tour in Umbria and with the aim of transmitting experiential knowledge of the agricultural practices of our own and local companies.

"We create innovative tourism experiences for the promotion and enhancement of territorial resources, through the experimentation and rediscovery of farming and artisan practices characteristic of the Umbrian identity, in order to contribute, in our small way, to local economic development."

costruzione orto sinergico orto sinergico orto sinergico

As always we apply the due hygienic and safety measures to protect our guests and staff’s healthy, paying particular attention to the protection of the surrounding environment.

We are currently complying with current legislation about the extra measures that accommodation facilities have to adopt to guarantee you a stay as peaceful and safe as possible:



Useful links below:

Italian Healthy Departement FAQ / Oms website

A message for you:

Finally it’s time to enjoy your holiday in complete serenity. Everybody scarified our freedom in the last years but we learnt the humanity may survive only through courageous gestures of responsibility and that everyone, in our own small way, can exercise this mission.

Every detail about our offer is in this website and in our Service Charter. For any further request please write to info@leterrediisa.com or call the number +39 0758476296.