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When vacation is discovery


We did it! We did the first experiment of “Meet Italian” on the 3rd of July when some foreigners were here for their holiday.

The format by Le Terre di Isa, is a thematic workshop leaded in Italian language of 1 or 2 days of practical activities (with the use of a register fitting different linguistic skills by the speakers) to guide the travellers towards the empirical knowledge of Italian culture.


“The most amazing thing was the enthusiasm by our guests for the opportunity to “taste” some italian language and culture”.



The workshop of July 3rd, named “Assaggio d’Italiano” (that means “Italian tasting”), introduces some culinary vocabulary for traditional italian dishes and common expression for liking, and a second applied session when the guests had the task to make the “Torta al testo” (a dough for a typical italian food).


“Very useful and amazing was implementing the actions after they’ve been described and examined, in a total immersion in the italian language.

Our guests were the main protagonists of the day ending with a multicultural lunch.



The main aim of the proposal is to involve the foreign travellers in an active promotion of our territory: if they have the opportunity to feel, learn and see first-hand, they can have a deeply contact with the country’s authenticity visiting places, they can enjoy because they do something unusual and they enrich their background bringing back to home some unforgettable experience. 



We’ve many ideas to develop, on the same leading theme that’s the will to involve in this experience the natives with their artisan and business activities, ‘cause they are the only people that can witness the resources and beauties of the umbrian territory.


For this reason, we’d like to disclose and talk about some representative subject made in Umbria, with the same “learning by doing” principle.



Meanwhile, let’s have a look to the 3rd July shots about “Assaggio d’Italiano”: we thank so much people who participated and authorized the publishing of this material.



 Lezione di italiano - vocabolario cucina Raccolta delle prugne  Impasto della torta al testo - 2 pranzo per concludere la giornata














As always we apply the due hygienic and safety measures to protect our guests and staff’s healthy, paying particular attention to the protection of the surrounding environment.

We are responding promptly to new government and competent bodies directives, opposing the Coronavirus emergency, in order to guarantee the most safe and sheltered stay possible, as soon as travelling will be permitted again.

Our spaces make possible the due social distance, but in order to guarantee the maximum hygienic and safety state we’re adopting extra measures as following:


More information about travelling safe during Coronavirus Emergency in the links below:

Italian Healthy Departement FAQ

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Finally a message for you:

Our efforts at the moment are aimed at a single goal: to give - to those who can have a holiday in the next months - the opportunity to finally enjoy some freedom’s moment.

We will not be able to satisfy everyone and this regrets us, but we hope to meet on our new journey a spirit of comprehension, collaboration and adaptation in order to live together moments of well-deserved light-heartedness.

All that we offer is described in detail on this site but if you have other requests please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to info@leterrediisa.com or phoning to +39 0758476296.