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The flavours of being together at Le Terre di Isa


Many researches can confirm that the contact with the land is therapeutic. Sharing this with old friends does guarantee a really good day!

That’s our new life and we appreciate such moments with grateful hearts, sharing with people we love this - short - moments.

When our friends come to visit Le Terre di Isa, they must “work” and few of them escape…

Emanuele and Bianca came here from Germany, where they live, to stay with us for some day and taste a pinch of “Italy”. Rosario and Alessia presented their little Bianca, waiting doubtfully for us going to Milan to celebrate her birth, they choose to spend the last warm september days here in Umbria.

We allowed them to take just few hours of relax but then, as good friends helped us for the september fruits’ harvest and more…

Obviously all good things as a result of a true friendship’s story!


  • Apple and Cinnamon Jam

With a quick and healthy recipe we made a jam using:

1 kg of apples

500 gr sugar (white or brown)

1 glass of water

lemon juice (enough to wet the apples and let them to macerate before you cook)

Powder of cinnamon

I used this recipe from here.


At the end of the cooking I added a cinnamon powder sprinkling


  • Apple pie

I used the recipe from “Torte di casa” review by Bimby robot.



  • Cake with plums

Once I tried it and it wasvery good.  I used this recipe from here, adding the plums from our tree.



  • Figs Jam

with a simple recipe:

1 kg of figs

200/300 gr white sugar (depending on the fruits’ ripeness, I used 200 gr and my guests appreciated it for its delicacy)

Some lemon drop

As for the other jams I follow the same recipe, and for this I used this site.


Of all things, simplicity is the most difficult to copy.

(Richard Steele)




As always we apply the due hygienic and safety measures to protect our guests and staff’s healthy, paying particular attention to the protection of the surrounding environment.

We are currently complying with current legislation about the extra measures that accommodation facilities have to adopt to guarantee you a stay as peaceful and safe as possible:



Useful links below:

Italian Healthy Departement FAQ / Oms website

A message for you:

Finally it’s time to enjoy your holiday in complete serenity. Everybody scarified our freedom in the last years but we learnt the humanity may survive only through courageous gestures of responsibility and that everyone, in our own small way, can exercise this mission.

Every detail about our offer is in this website and in our Service Charter. For any further request please write to info@leterrediisa.com or call the number +39 0758476296.