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We're telling you about our first vegetable garden experience...


Did you miss us?

We’ve been away from the blog because of lot of work in our agriturismo.

It’s summer period and the farm as the hospitality business are requiring all our energies.


We’d like just to dedicate to you a moment to share a result of an experimental project of our first vegetable garden, born during last months.



We’re got  inspired by the synergistic agriculture and, in particular, by Emilia Hazelip’s philosophy, who referred to the japanese Fukoka (here more information about it).


On the web and books you can read many things about this theory. We do want tell you about our experience of making a synergistic vegetable garden.


As the spring got late this year, we waited the end of may’s rains to install the new vegetable garden.


We first drew it, locating it on a south-east part of a land never cultivated before: 5 “raised beds”, in a spiral composition, where vegetables and plants could be hosted according to the intercropping’s ruels (here more about it).

As one of the most important principle of the synergetic agriculture says, we “didn’t dig nor even scratch the soil, not even superficially, because the bacteria, fungi and all forms of invisible life allowing complex, subtle and beneficial interactions”. We just took the soil to create the “raised beds”.



Then, we put the drip irrigation system and the mulching by the straw on the “raised beds”. This kind of operation is very useful to protect the soil form the cold, the warm, the rains and to reduce the weeds’ growing and the pathogens’ spreading.


At last, the planting of tomatoes, legumes, succhini, aubergines, green pepperoni, garlic, onion, mint, basilic. Every plants were planted based on another synergetic rule: “make replicating a natural balance between the plants grown, with at least three different plants’ species including legume (beans, fava beans, peas, chickpeas) for nitrogen fixing, liliacae (garlic, onion, leek) as antibacterial function on the sides of the raised beds, and aromatics to fight parasites.

The wonderful aspect of a synergetic vegetable garden it’s that it doesn’t need of pesticides nor insecticides, because the cohabitation of the plants makes their surviving and that of the soil.

It’s the “show” of the nature becoming real daily to our eyes and greeting for our right intervention that tries to avoid any kind of damage.





Our vegetable garden is constantly work in progress. We’re keeping improve it and we’re studying any result possible, until now very satisfying.


This is our first cultivation experience. We wanted to started it to get our farm business richer and, above all, to make real our new life’s idea, healthier and respectful of the place where we live right now.

A very special greeting to Cristian and Claudio, for their strong arms...and their patience!



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