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Here it is, My Pastiera!


Many guests from Campania (South of Italy) asked me about that, after tasting my homemade cakes and knowing about my neapolitan origin but, I admit, I’ve never tried to make it before. I knew that making “La Pastiera” its a kind of ritual and woe if you miss some steps!

Today I’ve finally tried!


Taking advantage of the time we have, forced home and the agriturismo closed, a a bit out of homesickness and thanks to my mother’s assistance that has been growing up with “bread and tradition”...So that I came across the arduous enterprise in making the Easter cake most loved by neapolitans.


Baking it, the memories of my childhood materialized together with the parfum of the “millefiori” and wheat and this was for me a precious gift.


My grandfather made it, the most patient man I’ve never met. And, the patience, is one of the main ingredient that never can be missed to get a “Signora Pastiera” (great Pastiera).

That’s why I’ve never made it until today...the patience isn’t my it’s not my best.


But today I wanted to honor that man and his work, always careful and meticulous, and here it’s My Pastiera.


I’ll let you know the result...yes! we need to wait before we try it, it’s to rest!


If it will be good, I promise, I’ll make it when you come here at Le Terre di Isa as our guests and I give you also the recipe.


Meanwhile wait together…



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