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Our new window


It’s like we’re going onstage with new clothes.


Le Terre di Isa has been living for over 15 years, with its history, its characters and its epilogues.


One year ago Isabella and Massimo left the farmhouse to Alessandra and Claudio, as novices.


The setting and the scenography are the same. The farmhouse built in stone surrounded by the wood and the olive grove is right there. And the trees, the flowers welcoming the guests at the entrance, as well. And the rooms by rural and elegant design where details make the difference.


We didn’t want to change anything in the structure, because we wanted to onorate the background developed with a true love.


That love hugged us at the first sight.


Since last year we got on the stage with shaped clothes that helped us to enter into the rules and then, at ease, we started to rewrite our history of Le Terre di Isa.


We come from a different life, an urban life and, for a moment, we had a big fear of emptiness but then our desire to change won and this new adventure started.


We’ll speak about us later, we’ll tell you many stories.


For the moment we present our young “poster” - our new web site - that introduces new and fresh epilogues at Le Terre di Isa.


We want to thank our web master Vincenzo who’s realizing our best “display” to present it to our spectators.


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To get more information please, call the number 0758476296 or send and e-mail at info@leterredisa.com.


As always we apply the due hygienic and safety measures to protect our guests and staff’s healthy, paying particular attention to the protection of the surrounding environment.

We are currently complying with current legislation about the extra measures that accommodation facilities have to adopt to guarantee you a stay as peaceful and safe as possible:



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Italian Healthy Departement FAQ / Oms website

A message for you:

Finally it’s time to enjoy your holiday in complete serenity. Everybody scarified our freedom in the last years but we learnt the humanity may survive only through courageous gestures of responsibility and that everyone, in our own small way, can exercise this mission.

Every detail about our offer is in this website and in our Service Charter. For any further request please write to info@leterrediisa.com or call the number +39 0758476296.