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An activity good for inside-out wellness

When I came in Umbria the first time the nature, the landscapes and the wide expanse of green captured my gaze hypnotizing me.

It’s quite different when you look to the sea - that’s a moment with no equals- e cause in front of such greening hills you feel you can set out and go no waiting for the water calm down or you don’t fear anymore the infinity of the sea.


The “walk” is a common activity bere in Umbria and it’s promoted in different types by many local organizationsa.

The most recently project is “La Via del Trasimeno”, the first laboratory of the walking-therapy, a circular itinerary of seven steps, 160km long around the Lake Trasimeno. It promotes the “Walking” as a wellness tool and as a sustainable activity to know the surrounding environment. 


The creator is Fabrizio Pepini, from Passignano sul Trasimeno. He experienced the Santiago Path and the Francigena and after that he came back in Umbria with his will to go on walking.



By a cooperation and friendship with Massimiliano Cremona the book “Camminare guarisce” (“Walking heals”) was born - where you can read about the impressive Fabrizio Pepini’s story -  and then the homonymous Association.


The “Trasimeno paths” are the same traced by C.A.I. and by other regional associations with the new identity of a “path” for “people looking for rediscover themselves out of the frenetic rythm of the city, backpacking and starting a new journey”.

Yesterday, friday 6th, the project is presented at Passignano sul Trasimeno.

The association proposes the paths of different duration and for different kinds.

More information here www.laviadeltrasimeno.org.

Other activities for walking.

- Sunday april 8th at 3.30 pm, “Piedibus del Ben Essere” plans a recreational and cultural walking about the history of Perugia and its famous female citizens.

Meeting point in Piazza IV Novembre - Fontana Maggiore.

You need a reservation at meravigliarti.inumbria@gmail.com.

More information here.

- On this website is possible to find detailed information about umbrian paths.


- The Regione Umbria promotes the project  Parchi Attivi to sensitise the environmental theme.

Trekking, horseback riding, biking, nordic walking, rafting, canyoning and many other sports, are promoted by this organization.


- On the site www.lagotrasimeno.net you can find detailed information about the paths around the Lake Trasimeno.


If you want to visit Perugia and surrounding area by walk there are two interesting websites:


Enjoy your walking experience!


As always we apply the due hygienic and safety measures to protect our guests and staff’s healthy, paying particular attention to the protection of the surrounding environment.

We are currently complying with current legislation about the extra measures that accommodation facilities have to adopt to guarantee you a stay as peaceful and safe as possible:



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A message for you:

Finally it’s time to enjoy your holiday in complete serenity. Everybody scarified our freedom in the last years but we learnt the humanity may survive only through courageous gestures of responsibility and that everyone, in our own small way, can exercise this mission.

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