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Our organic extravergine olive oil


Le Terre di Isa is more than accommodation. The building, surrounding by the wall of the ancient Farm House, is delineated by an olive grove of 200 olive trees.


In october 2017Noi” was born by this olive grove, an extravergine organic olive oil, the first product by our Farm.


We was wondering about the name, so that it could tell a story, our story and the story of this land where we’ve been welcomed with enthusiasm.


It isn’t a straordinary story because it tells about two young people moved in another region to change their life and start from scratch.


That’s a common story today in Italy, where you can’t often find opportunities and you need to look for them somewhere else, and come back a day or go on towards other futures.


That’s the story of someone who didn’t cut off his roots, in order to replant them in another land, where he can save them and transform them in a new potential graft. And guess what it will be…


“Noi” represents these stories. It was born by a collaboration, thanks to the help of a lot of people welcoming us in this land, with love and hope. Hands preparing the land, taking care of the trees, harvesting the olives helping us strangers from another «world», confirming our choice to "jump".


Elaion”is the name of our Farm, Claudio’s and Alessandra’s. It’s a greek name and it means “olive oil”. We chose it because remembering the time when Claudio and me met and that came to mind as we were looking for it.


The olive oil is a typical product here in Umbria.

Our olive trees are young yet, planted 15 years ago and, as we are, they need to grow up giving a contribute to the territory.

We’d like to do the best with our olive trees, to add value to one of the most typical italian product.

On 28th october 2017 every people met some month before accepted our invitation to the olive harvesting and, under a warm sun, for everybody was an amazing party: we worked hard and as a reward a conviviality moment, with barbecue, local product, chestnuts and neapolitan mozzarella.


There’s verse by anonime that represents the story I’ve just told you.

We found it during a local fair when our adventure started.






«Live as the olive tree

plant strong roots in your land

win the wind

the cool

and the storm.

Look always to the sky

and give your fruits to the world»

On 22nd of June in Montecolognola (Magione), during the “Pane&Olio” edition by Elio Carlani, Le Olivastre edited the “Day of the Oil”.



  • “Recover a secular olive tree”. A short tell bout the Association life.
  • “Some prejudice about the extravergine olive oil”, by the Professor Pimo Proietti (University of Perugia).
  • Débat by the Professor Eric Conti (University of Perugia)
  • “Saggi assaggi” by Emanuela de Stefanis. How to identify a good oil by the Trasimeno Area

As always we apply the due hygienic and safety measures to protect our guests and staff’s healthy, paying particular attention to the protection of the surrounding environment.

We are responding promptly to new government and competent bodies directives, opposing the Coronavirus emergency, in order to guarantee the most safe and sheltered stay possible, as soon as travelling will be permitted again.

Our spaces make possible the due social distance, but in order to guarantee the maximum hygienic and safety state we’re adopting extra measures as following:


More information about travelling safe during Coronavirus Emergency in the links below:

Italian Healthy Departement FAQ

Oms website



Finally a message for you:

Our efforts at the moment are aimed at a single goal: to give - to those who can have a holiday in the next months - the opportunity to finally enjoy some freedom’s moment.

We will not be able to satisfy everyone and this regrets us, but we hope to meet on our new journey a spirit of comprehension, collaboration and adaptation in order to live together moments of well-deserved light-heartedness.

All that we offer is described in detail on this site but if you have other requests please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to info@leterrediisa.com or phoning to +39 0758476296.