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A short but indispensable break from the daily routine is really useful to be recharged. This is the perfect proposal to provide yourself a moment of peace and energy   


The package for 1 or 2 nights includes:

  • A stay for 2 people
  • A buffet breakfast for 2
  • An exclusive 90 minutes Spa session: with the use of Jacuzzi tub, Finnish sauna and multi jet shower for 2
  • Pool-side Drink



  • Suite: € 160,00 (1 night), € 260,00 (2 nights)
  • Comfort: € 150,00 (1 night), € 240,00 (2 nights)
  • Standard: € 140,00 (1 night), € 225,00 (2 nights)



More information about the package:


  • it includes the stay for 2 people in a double room
  • it requires a supply of €15,00 for children over 6 years old and up to 17 years old (depending on the accommodation available for the room required)
  • it requires a supply of €20,00 for a third person over 17 years old (depending on the accommodation available for the room required)
  • it can be used in the period indicated:



(2022) from 06/03 to 13/04, from 19/04 to 21/04, from 26/04 to 28/04, from 2/05 to 01/06, from 6/06 to 07/07, from 5/09 to 13/10, from 24/10 to 27/10, from 5/11 to 07/12 --- (2023) from 03/03 to 02/04, from 13/04 to 16/04, from 04/05 to 28/05, from 08/06 to 09/07, from 14/09 to 08/10, from 09/11 to 03/12


  • you can buy it by bank deposit of the total amount (all details will be send you when you book it) all year long;
  • you can buy and give it as a present: we’ll arrange a file with a personalized message and all details about the services included;
  • it can include extra services beyond those indicated in the description: we would be delighted to provide you with any other information required.


N.B. All packages are valid in the periods (2022) from 03-06 to 04-13, 04-19 to 04-21, 04-26 to 04-28, 05-02 to 06-01, 06-06 to 07-07, 09-05 to 10-13, 10-24 to 10-27, 11-05 to 12-07

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3 Nights Special Stay


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Rooms compatible with this treatment


Standard Room

Conditioned AirPets AllowedShowerWiFi

La Quercia

Standard Room

Conditioned AirPets AllowedShowerWiFi

I Ciclamini

Comfort Room

Conditioned AirPets AllowedShowerWiFi

La Rosa Canina

Comfort Room

BathPets AllowedShowerWiFi

La Cupido


BathConditioned AirShowerTelevisionWiFi

La Libellula

Standard Room

Conditioned AirPets AllowedShowerWiFi

L'Ape Regina

Comfort Room

Conditioned AirPets AllowedShowerWiFi

As always we apply the due hygienic and safety measures to protect our guests and staff’s healthy, paying particular attention to the protection of the surrounding environment.

We are currently complying with current legislation about the extra measures that accommodation facilities have to adopt to guarantee you a stay as peaceful and safe as possible:



Useful links below:

Italian Healthy Departement FAQ / Oms website

A message for you:

Finally it’s time to enjoy your holiday in complete serenity. Everybody scarified our freedom in the last years but we learnt the humanity may survive only through courageous gestures of responsibility and that everyone, in our own small way, can exercise this mission.

Every detail about our offer is in this website and in our Service Charter. For any further request please write to info@leterrediisa.com or call the number +39 0758476296.